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Young Professionals Sessions

Young Professionals

I Like You, You Like Me – Or Not.

Have you ever noticed that you seem to connect with some people more naturally that with others? Sociologists have determined that all of us fall into one of four primary behavioral styles.

To be successful in radio and in our working relationships, it’s important to recognize our own dominant style and the dominant style of our coworkers, partners, listeners, and clients. We can then modify our behavior style to better match the other person’s, earning their trust, respect, and confidence, and making the client feel more comfortable.

Communicating Across Generation, Gender, and Culture

Learn the skills necessary to identify and understand key issues related to misconceptions and stereotypes based on various cultures and generations. Understand how as part of the younger generations, you can positively change workforce norms.

You Have the Tools, You Have the Talent!

Discover which workplace skills that you as a young professional possess that are unique to your generation and integral to a radio station’s success. We’ll then show you how to put those skills to use as a seller, content creator and marketer.

Whose Job is it Anyway?

Job responsibilities for radio professionals continue to evolve, in many cases creating a skill set gap and a time crisis. Who are we hiring to fill the positions on our teams, where are we looking and what skill sets do we truly need to get everything done successfully? We’ll discuss this evolving world of expectations and transitioning the responsibilities of current teams to meet the demands of today’s multimedia world.


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