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Content Cross Training

Content experts take you through focused, 15-minute how-to presentations that demonstrate how to best utilize Facebook, Snapchat, video, podcasts, and your marketing/branding budget (or lack thereof).

Hold My Facebook and Insta While I Retweet This

In the social media world, it's important to connect with your audiences on as many platforms as possible, but which should you use, how, when and why? This session features social media experts who will explain how the most successful brands take advantage of various social media platforms to better engage with their audiences.

Data, Data Everywhere

MScores, callout, Shazam charts, streaming rankers, online surveys… there's no lack of data available to programmers, but sifting through it and determining which is most useful can be challenging. This session features research pros and veteran programmers who will take you through the various tools available and will help you understand how, when and why which are most useful and practically applied.

They're Just Not That into You

With all the choices from YouTube to Spotify to Pandora, radio struggles to remain relevant to a younger generation that expects all its media on-demand. We'll take an in-depth look at the media consumption of Millennials and Gen Z to learn more about the types of media they're consuming and why. Then, we'll connect these finding to the things you, as a radio programmer, can be doing better to connect more completely with this audience.

S'mores and Storytime

Join some of radio's greatest on-air and behind-the-scenes talent around the campfire for s'mores and real programming talk. They will share their life lessons so you can better grow your career. Limited seating available. First come, first served.


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